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Jamal Edwards Delve (JE Delve or JED) is a grassroots youth charity founded by Jamal Edwards MBE providing young people in Ealing with opportunities to learn, work and connect. Through our partners, supporters and the wider community, JE Delve aims to provide a sense of community for young people in the local area. A social, safe space of their own where they can develop their skills, explore who they are, connect with others and a focus on nurturing a positive identity & agency.

We deliver weekly open-access or drop-in sessions across youth and community centres in Acton, welcoming all young people ages 11 – 21 (and up to 25). We aim to provide young people with unique opportunities to nurture and develop the skills they need to succeed. We are led by young people’s needs and wishes, starting from their lived experience. Young people have an active involvement in shaping the sessions, programmes and activities. Since our inception, we have provided our young community with a range of activities including music, art, filmmaking workshops, life skills & mental health sessions, fieldtrips & events, exposure to a variety of industries such as, Music, Business, Architecture, Construction and more.

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